The AEK-971 is a Russian select-fire assault rifle developed at the Kovrov Mechanical PLant in the 1980s. The primary model uses the 5.45x9mm round from standard 30-round mags used by the AK-74 and similar weapons.

In TMAEdit

It is seen in The Monster Attacks 3, being in the hands of various GRU officers and al-Qaeda, although Nathan Lynn uses it in the first act of the story. It is also seen used by various other characters in the book.

In The Monster Attacks 3, it is the signature weapon of Dimitri Mayakov, though he uses it with a variety of optics, including a tactical light, a Kobra red dot, or PKA-S machinegun optic.


  • Dimitri and Nathan all use a unique reloading tehnique where the old mag is flicked away with the new mag before the new mag is inserted, which is directly lifted from Battlefield 3. Crystal Lynn later adopts this method from her dad.
  • Dimitri seems to favor this weapon a lot, as he is never seen not using it or carrying one around.
  • It also becomes Crystal's weapon of choice in future sequels.
  • It can kill an Infected easily, making this the most powerful assault rifle in the book. Unfortunately, the only drawback is the unique reload tactic, which slows down response time during an attack.
  • Even though Dimitri says the gun has a select-fire feature, he never uses it.