Alexi Kostomarov

Alexi as he appears in the novel


The Blockhead with Nine Lives Weasel


Appears in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion
Rank Ex-Commander of Russian military; Task Force Viper
Affiliations Russian Ground Forces (formerly); Task Force Viper
Nationality Russian
Status Alive
Birth September 6, 1972
Height 5'11"
Weight 170-190 lbs
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Green
Race Caucasian
M240B; Five-Seven; Browning Hi-Power; AK-47; AKS-74u; Desert Eagle

Alexi Kostomarov is a character in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion.  In the novel, he is a colleague of Dimitri Mayakov and is also said agent's good friend.  He is also Nathan Lynn's adviser in said novel.


He is first seen in the novel meeting Nathan Lynn at a restaurant (at the same time his son Daren meets Tiffany Alvord at the same place).  He reveals to Nathan that al-Qaeda has secret links hidden in the city and that the CIA and GRU have been trying to find them for the past week.  Later, he also reveals a high-profile terrorist plot planned by al-Qaeda (while Tiffany starts badmouthing the Islamist group at Daren's table).  Later, he is seen assisting Nathan in fighting al-Qaeda and stopping the said terrorist plot, as well as repelling the invasion of London by Iran.


  • He seems to regard Nathan as his "American brother", just like Dimitri.
  • His signature weapon is the M240B light machinegun.
  • He appears to admire Crystal for her willingness to face danger.
  • He has a facination with car bombs.
  • He does not know what a football is, but he does know what a baseball is.
  • He used to hit mailboxes with a baseball bat as a child.
  • His first words are a reference to Mission: Impossible III and his speech blends said movie reference with that of a video game.


"It's complicated."

- Alexi's first words in the novel.

"I thought you could catch on, Nathan. But I wasn't going to let Azziz, to let all people, undo the work I'd done. I took action, Nathan, on the behalf of the working families of our countries, the Army force, the White House, the Kremlin. I've had enough of Azziz and his sanctimony...That piece of stink right there just stole three Rage Virus samples from Russia and sold them to a man called Abdul Gharib.  Azziz using Al-Qaeda...Another thing about Azziz: he targeted your daughter like he wanted, and then what? Azziz's a weed. You cut him out, two more spring up he's just like the next day. Arrest him, then what? You use him. Collaborate with him. And it's Christmas... Azziz has at least two locations: Canary Wharf and Shaftesbury Avenue.  He's using public transit to move the weapons.  He's going to detonate the viral samples in those two areas very soon...this cannot happen.  We can avert war between Iran.  Just two of us.  No politicians.  No moneychanging hands...just two agencies seeking the truth..."
- Alexi as he exposes a terrorist plot planned by al-Qaeda to ignite war between the Islamic world, America, and England
"You must be Crystal...Nathan Lynn's daughter."
- Alexi upon meeting Crystal Lynn for the first time