Camcorders (or video cameras) are used throughout The Monster Attacks series. Here, they're used to document the adventures of the main protagonists as they progress through their adventures.

In The Monster AttacksEdit

In The Monster Attacks, a movie camera is used by Nathan Lynn to record his adventures during The New York City incident.

In The Monster Attacks 2Edit

The Monster Attacks 2 introduces the first use of camcorders attached to people's bodies; Nathan Lynn uses a camcorder mounted on his ear to record various moments, as well as fights he engages in against the Wendigo, which are broadcasted to Commander Carson at the Monster Investigations Corporation HQ (sort of like The Hunger Games).

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion introduces two new types of cameras: consumer camcorders and cameras mounted on various firearms. In this novel, a Sony HDR-500V is used by Trisha Blackburn to document her experiences. In additon, a ContourHD camera is seen mounted on various firearms in order to record what soldiers attack on tape. A Canon HG10 is used by Daren Lynn and then Olivia Coons to record adventures during their "horror movie".


  • The cameras used in the books are homages to found footage movies.
  • In The Monster Attacks and The Monster Attacks 3, cameras are repeatedly dropped by the main characters in chase scenes, only to be picked up again afterwards.
  • Whenever someone dies using a camera, the cause of death is always shown off-screen.
  • Sometimes, the Peoples' Liberation Army, People's Republic of China use camcorders to record their missions.