Cannibals are the chief antagonists in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion.  They are basically people infected with the Rage Virus (a mutant form of Rabies just like the Wendigo Virus) who have been turned into cannibalistic monsters.


The Virus doesn't kill the host directly, but instead drives the victim mad and turns him\her into an animal, therefore causing the host to cannibalize other people until it dies.  The cannibals, once infected, also turn suicidal; they do not evade gunfire or chemical gas.  They also are immune to feeling pain, but they will be effectively immobilized if they are dismembered.  

Once infected, the host's eyes turn red and once the virus siezes control of the host's immune system, the victim is seized with violent spasms and convulsions and the ireses in their eyes become blood red.  They later start screaming like ravenous animals and vomit blood.  Their sense of smell is enhanced, allowing them to easily find uninfected people and infect\kill them.

When an uninfected (or clean) person is within striking distance, the cannibal become enraged and try to infect\kill the targeted uninfected.  However, once the uninfected escapes (provided that he\she escaped infection), the cannibal will eventually lose interest and move on to attack someone else.  However, this only applies when the cannibal completely loses sight of its target.  They also can't swim; if they run into deep water three or four feet high, or more, they will drown easily.


The Cannibals retain the same senses they possessed before being infected, only those senses are enhanced.  They also possess a rudimentary sense of spatial awareness.  For example, some cannibals can operate and manipulate simplistic objects as blunt-force weapons.  They also have an enhanced sense of smell and are also extremely sensitive to light.  


  • They are somtimes mistaken for zombies.
  • They can kill just about anything-even animals.
  • They chiefly attack their victims in swarms, but sometimes they're alone.
  • Whenever they're in a group, the cannibals tend to gang up on their victims and kill them in a bloody, gory swarm.