A chainsaw

A chainsaw

A chainsaw is another bladed weapon used in The Monster Attacks 2. The chainsaw is used by GRU agents as melee weapons and some of the protagonists as a last ditch weapon.


The first time a chainsaw is used is when the second Wendigo is created. This time, the Wendigo has a second heart that's almost impossible to locate, forcing the protagonists to destroy it. The Wendigo also briefly uses a chainsaw as he kills random people with it. Also, Petra Williams uses the chainsaw to saw a locked door's hinges off, allowing her to kick the door down and resuce some of her friends. She's later assaulted by the new Wendigo, but she's able to melee the attacker with the chainsaw's butt and escapes. The Wendigo pursues her with his chainsaw, but ultimately loses her.

The chainsaw is also used by Nathan Lynn to saw through the door of a house and then escape through the back window as the new Wendigo pursues him. The chainsaw is seen in the epilogue, where Nathan Lynn finds a video tape concerning a civilian man using a chainsaw to defend himself from a swarm of zombies in a Pennsylvania town.


  • This is the second bladed weapon in the series.
  • The chainsaw was originally supposed to be used by the first Wendigo, but this was changed.
  • The new Wendigo uses a variety of attack moves; he can either slice through the victim's head to decapitate him\her, slice the victim in half, or saw the victim to pieces.