Chuck Willis


Former Motorcross competitor; Extreme sports ethusiast




Rescue shoppers\tourists attacked by dinosaurs in a Galleria mall in Los Angeles and kill off the dinosaurs




"Let's do this."

Chuck Willis is a character mentioned several times in The Monster Attacks 2, but he's only seen in the flashbacks\revelations of Dimitri Mayakov, in which he reveals that Chuck is the "American neighbor that lives across the street from my place." In the revelations, Chuck is a dirtbike lover\extreme sports ethusiast who goes to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that take place at a Galleria in Los Angeles. Eventually, he discovers that the culprits behind the deaths are dinosaurs and various other prehistoric creatures.


Chuck is mentioned by Dimitri, but he's not seen until the flashbacks roll around. In the first flashback, Chuck is tasked with rescuing a bunch of shoppers lost in the mall and attacked by dinosaurs. Working together with a group of tourists\shoppers, he fights for survival against the menacing prehistoric lizards until the US Army arrives at the mall to rescue them. In addition, he meets Dimitri Mayakov, who helps him with the mission by either notifying Chuck of any animal attacks or any tourists\shoppers that are trapped.


Chuck is a hardcore dinosaur killer, though he cares for humanity; this is evidenced by his obsession with protecting tourists from the dinosaurs. He also has Agrizoophobia (a fear of wild animals like dinosaurs), but he gets over it throughout the course of the novel. Chuck is also a former US Marine, as evidenced by the fact that his military career is depicted in a series of diary entries about him.

He also has an obsession with firearms\various melee weapons. Throughout the novel's flashbacks, he fights dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures with lots of weapons, including firearms and other improvised weapons. He even uses food to distract the creatures so he can get away with his "cargo" (what he calls tourists\shoppers he has rescued).



  • His name is a reference to Chuck Greene , a character in Dead Rising 2.
  • The way he fights dinosaurs\other prehistoric creatures is a reference to various shooting games.
  • Chuck Willis is also a reference to the movie stars Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis.
  • His favorite weapon is the M4A1 assault rifle.
  • He likes blowing animals to pieces.