A monster

The Cloverfield monster, upon which the monster from the first two novels is based upon

Clovercus Batticus, or Clover, is the main antagonist in the first Monster Attacks novel. It's based on the design for the Cloverfield Monster, but with several differences.


The monster resembles the alien from Cloverfield (2008), only it is 25-feet tall and it lays eggs, a slight difference from the alien from Cloverfield. It also has fleshy pouches for ears, another difference, as the Cloverfield monster had fleshy pouches that inflated, not fleshy ear pouches.

Youngsters that hatch from eggs are typically 25 feet tall and grow to 50 feet tall, where they reach adulthood, which is another difference, since the alien in Cloverfield was only a baby and was 25 stories, not feet, tall. THe skin is thicker than a tectonic plate, making it nearly impossible to kill with conventional weaponry. This includes firearms.

It is sensitive to explosives and melting objects.

Appearances in the seriesEdit

The 25-ft. "baby" monster makes an appearance in The Monster Attacks, where it surfaces in New York after killing thousands of other people along the Eastern Seaboard. It pursues the main characters throughout the novel as the US Army and Air Force work together to attempt to destroy it. After battling the US Army in several other locations in New York City the monster is heavily wounded from an attack from the US Army and US Air Force.

In the end, the monster is allegedly reported to have died.


  • Nathan Lynn holds a camera and films the events of the entire first novel, an obvious reference to Cloverfield
  • The monster's attack on NYC in the first novel is another reference to Cloverfield.