The Commando

The Colt Commando is an assault rifle featured in The Monster Attacks 2: The Big, the Bad, and the Grotesque.

Appearance in the storyEdit

The Commando is seen used during Vietnam War flashbacks in The Monster Attacks 2, being used by the US Marines and the Studies and Observations Group. Various minor characters are also seen using the weapon during the flashbacks.

It's also used by Jack Sherman and Deputy Nathan Lynn during their adventures on dinosaur-infested Oahu, Hawaii. At one point, Jack gives one to Abby Burr, who uses it to shoot at scary looking bats attacking from vines while crossing a log bridge. Jack also is seen using the weapon against a swarm of giant scorpions, massive centipedes, and Scorpio-pedes, giant scorpion\centipede hybrids.


  • The Colt Commando is very powerful, even powerful enough to kill a Tyrannosaurus in no more than four shots to any of its vitals (head, stomach, and chest).
  • The Colt Commando is often found inside boxes and crates left behind by previous explorers\unfortunate victims.
  • The Commando is also used by Nikki Harding on several occasions