Daren Lynn
Daren in the suit

Daren Lynn as he appears in The Monster Attacks 3

Nickname(s) N\A
Appears in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion
Rank None
Affiliations Lynn Family
Nationality American
Status Alive.
Sex Male
Eyes Blue
Catchphrase None at this time
Weapon Jericho 941 Baby Eagle; Desert Eagle; anything he can get his hands on
Equipment KnifeGrenade

Daren Lynn was Nathan Lynn's son and a character in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion.  In the novel, he helps his dad fight the cannibals, Al-Qaeda and the Korean People's Army as they invade the city of London, England.


Daren was the oldest of the Lynn family until he died, when his sister, Crystal, took over as the oldest.  He was viewed by Nathan Lynn as his "source of pride."

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

In The Monster Attacks 3, he is first seen hanging out with a guy named Kenneth.  Then he is seen talking with Tiffany Alvord.  He also speaks with Russian scientist Konstantin Kablukov, a friend of Alexi Kostomarov.

After speaking with Madison Young about the effects of the Rage Virus antidote, the hospital she is kept in is suddenly attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists.  

He fights back, but almost gets himself killed by an assassin by the name of Sophia Kovacs.  After getting Madison to safety, he pursues Sophia and confronts her about nearly getting him killed.  Sophia reveals that she is a mole for TF545, which surprises him, since he only knew Tiffany Alvord as a mole.  

He eventually destroys the virus, but is abducted by Ali Al-Zakir.


  • He is the first teenager in the series.
  • He is also the first Lynn family member to die in the series.
  • Tiffany Alvord appears to have feelings for him, as she's tramautized by his "death."



"C'mon!  C'mon!  JUMP IN!!"

- Daren Lynn to Tiffany Alvord during their escape from London as it is invaded by the Axis of Evil


- Daren before fighting Captain Kyeong

"You blockhead!"

- Daren after Kyeong stabs him with a syringe full of Rage.