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The CheyTac M200 intervention (AKA Intervention in the novels) is an American sniper rifle used by various people in series The Monster Attacks. Here, the rifle is seen as a powerful sharpshooting weapon used by both US Army personnel and civilians.

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

In The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion, Daren Lynn is shown a variety of guns to use before the shooting of the horror film "The Jurassic Project". One of them is the Intervention and he chooses to use it to snipe Infected and dinosaurs from long range throughout the novel. It is later seen used by Nathan Lynn, Dimitri Mayakov, Rob McIntyre, and various other adult characters during the invasion of London by Al-Qaeda and their dinosaur allies.

The sniper rifle is seen with a suppressor almost every time it's used by the protagonists, with the only exception being the invasion of London, where various British and American snipers are seen using the weapon to snipe Infected and dinosaurs from the rooftops of buildings across London.


  • This is the first sniper rifle in the series.
  • Daren refers to this weapon as the "Cannibal Eater".
  • It's the signature weapon of Daren Lynn.
  • Whenever this weapon is used by Daren Lynn, a silencer is always used.
  • This weapon is rarely used without an optic other than its standard optic.