US Marines



Appears in

The Monster Attacks 2


United States of America


Land combat


November 10, 1775-present

The US Marines is a faction in The Monster Attacks 2. They're depicted as a land fighting faction (though they specialize in amphibious assaults in reality) and they're tasked with assisting Korey Hogan in finding and rescuing the Russian president.

The Monster Attacks 2Edit

In The Monster Attacks 2, the US Marines are depicted helping Monster Investigations Inc. operative Korey Hogan find the Russian president. However, they soon discover they're being hunted by a Wendigo, the latest creation of Anatoly Dragovich. Throughout the events of the novel, the Wendigo brutally kills off various Marines one by one until only a handful are left and Korey Hogan pledges to destroy the creature.

He does, but his remaining teammates, as well as Korey himself, all die during the Wendigo's last stand against humanity. The Marines are also seen in the Vietnam War flashbacks throughout the plot of the novel.

Notable membersEdit

  • Sgt. Korey Hogan (K.I.A)
  • SSgt. Trent Dorsey (Alive)
  • SSgt. Riley Wilcox (Alive)
  • SSgt. Roy Gopher (K.I.A)

Other membersEdit

  • SSgt. Maria Vasquez (K.I.A)
  • Pvt. Alex Hudson (K.I.A)
  • Sgt. Rex Garfield (K.I.A)
  • Sgt. Emily Browning (K.I.A)
  • Pvt. Peter Enders (K.I.A)
  • Pvt. Tyler Yancy (K.I.A)
  • Pvt. Peter Shepherd (Alive)
  • Pvt. George Manchester (Alive)
  • Pvt. George Morshower (K.I.A)
  • Pvt. Vicki Bremner (Alive)
  • Sgt. Ashley Brown (K.I.A)
  • SSgt. Tom Manchester (K.I.A)
  • Sgt. Peter Morshower (K.I.A)
  • Sgt. Martin Kay (K.I.A)
  • Sgt. Emily Jackson (Alive)
  • Sgt. Ashley Renner (K.I.A)
  • SSgt. Emily Griggs (Alive)