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New York City is a city featured in The Monster Attacks series. It is the setting of the first book, the ending of the second book, and one of the cities invaded by al-Qaeda in the third book.

The Monster AttacksEdit

New York is the soul target in The New York City incident where a bat-like monster that is twenty-five feet in height is released into the city and goes on a rampage, killing untold multitudes of people. Afterwards, the US military quarantined the city in order to prevent further attacks, assuming the monster would return.


New York is featured in the ending of The Monster Attacks 2; al-Qaeda forces in NYC attempt to release a horde of flying humanoids into the city, only to be foiled by Nathan Lynn, who sucessfully kills the bomb carrier and then stops the bomb containing the capsules from exploding. He then dumps the capsule into the Hudson River, where it is buried and the humanoids trapped inside all drown.

In The Monster Attacks 5, New York is invaded by Al-Qaeda terrorists in the year 2023. This battle drags on until the year 2025, where Russian forces and the People's Republic of China sucessfully drive the al-Qaeda and their dinosaur allies away from the city, leaving it in a heap of destruction, much like the first book. Later, a monument is erected in Central Park, which honors the vailiant men and women who fought to protect the city.


  • New York is the first city to be destroyed two times in a row.
  • Originally, New York was supposed to be nuked by the Russians, but this was changed.


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