People's Liberation Army


August 1, 1927


Hu Jingtao, Chairman; Liang Guanglie, Minister of National Defense; Chief of PLA General Staff, Chen Bingde

Foreign suppliers



Al-Qaeda; Taliban

The People's Liberation Army is the main military force of the People's Republic of China. It was founded in 1921 under the control of the Communist Party and after the Chinese Civil War and the People's Republic of China was formed, the People's Liberation Army became the main military force of the PRC.

In the novel, as in real life, the PLA has 5 divisions: the Navy, the Air Force, the Second Artillery Corps, and the Armed Police.

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

The PLA are seen in TMA 3 as Chinese forces invade the countryside of England following the invasion of the country by Al-Qaeda in an attempt to liberate the captured cities. Here, they're seen as belligerent fighters, though they also protect civilians in the area. They're first seen paratrooping into Exmoor, England, following the attack on the area with dinosaurs. Later, they're seen parachuting into the city of London, England, after it is invaded by Al-Qaeda and their dinosaur allies.


  • At first, they were supposed to invade from the ocean, but this was changed.
  • The People's Liberation Army is the first military faction to actually invade a certain country.