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The People's Republic of China is a major Asian superpower, a friendly nation in The Monster Attacks 3, as well as The Monster Attacks 4. It is unknown if they are either enemies or friends in the next series of sequels.

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

In The Monster Attacks 3, the People's Republic of China is tipped off by the CIA and British MI6 of the recent threat in England made by Al-Qaeda and urges the Chinese President to aid America in defending "one of her neighbors". China agrees, provided that they use air support over England, as the country's airspace had been locked down during the infection process. America agrees and the Chinese President authorizes a full-scale assault on major al-Qaeda strongpoints across England.

The Monster Attacks 5Edit

In The Monster Attacks 5, al-Qaeda launches a full-scale massacre of Chinese civilians and then covers up their tracks to make it look like Russia did it. They then attack the United States with an armada of resurrected dinosaurs and make it look like China did it. China is outraged and as a result, authorizes a full-scale offensive assault on America in order to assist America in repelling the invaders.


  • Originally, China was supposed to be an antagonist nation in TMA4.
  • Also, originally, China was suppossed to launch ICBMs at England, but this was changed.


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