Petra Williams
Biographical information
Date of birth: c. 1996
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American
Occupation: None
Status: Alive (aged 16)
Physical description
Gender: Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color  Blue
Weapon Axe

Petra Williams is a character that appears in The Monster Attacks 2 and The Monster Attacks 3.  In The Monster Attacks 2, she is friends with Cassie Burr, a teenager who is later victimized by her own friend when she transforms into the Wendigo.

The Monster Attacks 2Edit

In The Monster Attacks 2, she is infected with the Wendigo Virus and goes on a rampage, chasing after Cassie Burr and MIC agent Nathan Lynn in an attempt to satisfy her urge to kill and eat humans like a Wendigo usually would.

Eventually, though, the virus is weakened severely when Nathan shoots her second heart.  She is eventually cured when Nathan destroys it.

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

In The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion, it is revealed that Petra was dating Daren Lynn, Nathan Lynn's son. She makes a reappearance by rebuking Daren during a phone conversation for "hanging her out to dry."  Daren is later talked into reconciling with her by Anton Mayakov, son of Dimitri Mayakov.  However, Petra is suddenly kidnapped by al-Qaeda operatives, but is eventually rescued by Daren Lynn.

Afterwards, she isn't seen again for the rest of the novel.


The Monster Attacks 2Edit

  • She seems to care about Cassie, treating her as if she were her own sister.
  • In TMA3, it is revealed the two met in middle school.

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

  • In The Monster Attacks 3, it is revealed she is hemophobic (afraid of blood).
  • She is fond of energy drinks in TMA3.
  • She is also easily startled by gunfire.



TMA 3Edit