Peyton Murphy
Nickname(s) N\A
Appears in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion
Rank N\A
Affiliations N\A
Nationality British
Status Alive (aged 18)
Infection Status Uninfected
Gender Female
Marks Scar on her stomach
Hair Green (later blonde)
Eyes Light green
Race Caucasian
Weapon Pretty much anything
Equipment Fragmentation Grenades

Knife,  Anything bladed

Peyton Murphy is Kenneth Murphy's sister and a character in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion.  In the novel, she is Daren Lynn's friend and later his love interest.  


She first meets Daren in Act I of TMA 3, hanging out with him like buddies.  She is seen again in Act III of the same novel, having undergone a physical makeover during Daren's absence.  This time, they start dating, but when the Axis of Evil invades London with the help from the army of Cannibals and their dinosaur allies, she joins the British resistance forces.


She seems to care a lot about Daren, even joining his circle of friends to avenge his death once he dies.  In combat, she is a hardcore fighter, capable of fighting against her enemies to the death.


  • She seems to be attached to Daren the most, aside from Tiffany Alvord.
  • She is considered the "toughest heroine" Daren has ever seen.
  • She is also prone to road rage and vehicular manslaughter when angry.