'Tapeworms' are a family of animals featured in The Monster Attacks series. They are set to be featured in The Monster Attacks 4, but this is unconfirmed.

Description and behaviorEdit

These worms have a scolex or head that attaches to the intestine of a definite host, preferrably a hog. In some species, this is dominataed by bothria, or tentacles, which are also known as sucking grooves and act as suction cups. Other species have hooks and suckers that aid in attachment. Cyclophyllid cestodes can be identified by the presence of four suckers on their scolex.

While the scolex is the most distinctive part of an adult tapeworm, it is often unnoticed in a clinical setting while it is inside a patient. Therefore, identifying eggs and proglottids in feces is vital.

When entering a host, the head is attached to the host's intestine with suckers or hooks while new segments are produed continually. Older segments are usually passed out of the intestine with the host's feces, which consist of sacs containing thousands of eggs.

After fourteen days, the eggs hatch and the cysts are broken open by newborns after they are fertilized by the adults. Afterwards, they mature and move to the bloodstream, giving the host abnormal pain, diahhrea, nausea, and anemia.

They are normally spread through pigs and other game animals.

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Monsters Inside Me Pork Tapeworm

Monsters Inside Me Pork Tapeworm

This video from Monsters Inside Me shows the development of tapeworms from pigs, as shown in TMA 4

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