Sasha Mayakov

Date of birth

March 30, 1961



Killed by



GRU; Russian military


Volgograd, Russia

Sasha Mayakov is the grandfather of Dimitri Mayakov. He's part of the Russian GRU, as well as the Russian military forces. He also is deployed to England in the year 2012, where he "cleans up" a secret military base by killing any trespassers, only to die in the process.


This guy is seen in the year 1996, where he's tasked with destroying a nuclear missile left over from the Cold War; specifically he's to destroy a Russian ICBM before it is launched at the United States of America. Together with a team of CIA agents, Sasha battles his way through the enemy-infested launch control center and sucessfully causes the nuclear missile to self-destruct. However, he's later injured when a rabid Russian attack dog bites his arm and attempts to rip his throat out, but is killed by one of his comrades. Later, he's captured by the Russians, but later breaks out of prison and sucessfully flees to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

In the year 2012, he's seen in the English countryside, where he assists another Russian agent in killing two American "spies" that were actually innocent civilians. Afterwards, he investigates the younger teen's camera, only to be eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and killed.


  • Sasha is the first character in a flashback to survive an animal attack, but dies in a later one.
  • Originally, the wound from the dog was supposed to kill Sasha, but this was changed.
  • Sasha was also originally supposed to get killed by the Viet Cong, but this was changed.
  • He's the first non-American to die.
  • He's also the first character to continue using a weapon despite an injury.
  • Sasha is the first Russian character to die in a flashback.
  • Sasha resembles the character Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • He seems to be uncaring for innocent people, as he frequently slaughters them in cold blood