Appears in

The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion; The Monster Attacks 5

Used by

Russia; Al-Qaeda


1 x 125mm Main gun


1 x 7.62mm machinegun; DShK machinegun



The T-90A ( otherwise called T-90 in the novels) is a Russian tank featured in The Monster Attacks Series. In the novels, it is the main battle tank for Al-Qaeda and the Russian military. However, it is sometimes commandeered by civilians (ex: Nathan Lynn's kids).

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

This tank is seen in The Monster Attacks 3, where Daren Lynn, Anton Mayakov, Emma Wideman, and Krystal Lynn discover it on the side of the road after their Range Rover runs out of gas. They later commandeer it and use it to hunt down feral dinosaurs living in the English countryside. The T-90 is also seen during the animal invasion of England, being used as support vehicles for al-Qaeda's animals and their human masters.

The Monster Attacks 5Edit

The T-90 is seen again during the Second Cold War; here it is used by the People's Republic of China against the Al-Qaeda invaders. During the Battle of Los Angeles (2023 portion), several T-90s are used in an attempt to block the US President's convoy and one tries to use its main gun to destroy the convoy. One T-90 is later seen being commandeered by Anton Mayakov in order to destroy a UAV jammer atop the Capitol Records Building by blasting the building to the ground.

Later, Al-Qaeda uses the tank in a massive armored assault against the US military in New York City during the 2024 chapters of the story. It is also seen used by the People's Liberation Army, China, in order to destroy an Al-Qaeda stronghold near the US Stock Exchange.


  • This is the first Russian battle tank in the series.
  • Anton Mayakov seems to be positive about driving tanks, as he's familiar with them.
  • On the other hand, Daren is a bit hesitant about driving these tanks, all because he doesn't understand Russian.


The Monster Attacks 3Edit

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