Task Force 545
Task Force 545
Leader(s) Alexi Kostomarov
Appears in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion
Country Various
Type Special Operations Group, Military Organization


Task Force 545 is an elite multinational Special Operations force composed of various operatives from various countries.  They serve as Monster Investigation Corporation's main allies.  The two organizations share the same objective-stop Al-Qaeda and their Axis of Evil from decimating the world with biological weapons.


Task Force 545 operators are drawn out of special forces from other countries, most notably the United States, Russia, Canada, and the European Union.

Its commander is Alexi Kostomarov, an ex-Russian Army commander turned scientist who decided to form the unit in order to help Nathan Lynn and his agency fight against Al-Qaeda and their Axis of Evil.  As of 2012, it is speculated the company is a company-sized organization


  • Alexi Kostomarov: The Main leader of the task force.
  • Chloe Levere: Field commander of task force.
  • Sophia Kovacs: Mole for task force inserted in Axis of Evil
  • Laura Hoffmann: Field commander of task force.
  • Vladimir Puskov: Field commander of task force