The Monster Attacks 2: The Big, the Bad, and the Grotesque is a sequel to The Monster Attacks. This novel chronicles multiple monsters attacking people in different places around the world. This is also the first novel to feature dinosaurs.

Plot summaryEdit

This novels follows the adventures of new and old characters as they tackle Dinosaurs in Hawaii, giant humanoids in Vietnam, two Wendigos in the US and Canada, and a sea monster living in Lake Tahoe, California. The Vietnam missions involve Vietnam War flashbacks involving giant flying monsters, the Lake Tahoe missions involve flashbacks to morbid attacks at Lake Tahoe in the past fifteen years and the Hawaii missions focus on dinosaurs terrorizing people on the island of Oahu.

Two of the main protagonists go after the Wendigos in the US and Canada.


  • This novel is the first to feature dinosaurs, as well as animals terrorizing people in multiple areas at once.
  • This novel features more animal attacks.
  • This novel is the second one to involve a protagonist filming the events of the story with a video camera.
  • This novel is the first to take place in various locations.
  • Monster Investigations Incorporated has gotten more members, suggesting that between this novel and the first one, there's a time gap of approximately two years.