The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion is the new work-in-progress novel and the upcoming sequel to The Monster Attacks 2. This novel features various new characters, as well as recurring characters.


Act IEdit

Act I sees Nathan Lynn working with Dimitri Mayakov and the McIntyre Brothers in an attempt to rescue a group of kidnapped college students from the clutches of Al-Qaeda, as well as Nathan Lynn killing Ahmed Al-Zakir, the mastermind of the entire terrorist plot. This sets in motion a chain of events that involve al-Qaeda avenging their leader by killing MIC operatives.

Act IIEdit

Act II centers around a sucessful attempt to rescue Allyson Blackburn, the daughter of Henry Blackburn, from the English countryside, as well as discovering al-Qaeda's true plan in fighting MIC. The act also introduces animals being used by al-Qaeda, both native species and invasive species smuggled into the country from other countries, in order to help spread the Rage Virus to people. It is this act that MIC learns that they are wanted fugitives for conspiring to kill Ahmed Al-Zakir.

Act IIIEdit

Act III takes place in London, England, and it centers around Nathan's attempts to kill off al-Qaeda before they can unleash the virus upon the city, which fails. This act also centers around Rob's introduction to having a girlfriend and it also centers around the individual responsiblilites that everyone has in ensuring the survival of the survivors of the initial outbreak, as well as the main characters' discovery of the truth behind al-Qaeda's motives.


  • In Act II, Rob makes a reference to the Tsavo Maneaters when he and the others meet a pair of Asiatic Lionesses attacking people in a cabin.
  • This is the second novel to take place in various different locations at once.
  • This is also the first novel in which invasive species are involved.
  • This novel heavily references the films Area 407 , Twenty-Eight Weeks Later , and the book Zoo by James Patterson.
  • Some references are also from shooting games.
  • In the introductory scene, the main character (called "uninfected teen" in the beginning, but then revealed to be Elizabeth Banks in the climax) only switches weapons once; in the beginning of the story, only an AEK-971 is used as a secondary weapon. However, the climax features various other weapons other than an AEK-971 being used, such as an F-2000 and an MP7.


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