The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the dinosaurs featured in The Monster Attacks 3. In reality, it lived during the Late Cretaceous period; however, the novel depicted it living in England after being resurrected by al-Qaeda.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex is seen as either a light gray animal, a deep green animal, a blue animal with orange or red stripes, or white, among other colors; their colors match the environment they live in.


The T-rex is seen as an apex predator, even preying on other smaller predators like Nanotyrannus, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, and other carnivorous animals. It can even take down creatures larger than itself. In reality, T-rex had excellent binocular vision, but the novel depicts its eyesight as being like that of a frog. It cannot see stationary objects, but only moving objects. T-rex are excellent parents, fiercely protective of their offspring...unless there's a mishap in identity and the infant is accidentally eaten. Male T-rexes tend to kill their young on purpose, but mother T-rexes are excellent mothers. The T-rex is solitary, but sometimes it will congregate in family groups.

Description and statisticsEdit

The T-rex is deemed the "cheetah of the dinosaurs", though it could only run 25 miles per hour in reality. As far as size, they're the second biggest apex predators of Hawaii, the first being the biggest carnivore of all, Giganotosaurus. Surprisingly, a T-rex can easily kill a Giganotosaurus or even overpower it, because T-rexes have faster reflexes than the Giganotosaurus.

In The Monster Attacks 3Edit

This animal is first seen in 2012, where it eats Sasha Mayakov after he murders two American teenagers mistaken for American spies. The animal is also seen when dinosaurs, cannibalistic fish, and other invasive animals attack London in a massive invasion of the city; it is one of many dinosaurs being deployed from airplanes from the Iraqi and Iranian air force via capsules that burst open upon contact with their target. Nathan Lynn battles numerous T-rexes throughout his adventures in London, until a noxious gas attack kills off the bulk of the animal forces.


  • It seems that the T-rex is nearly blind, as it cannot see stationary objects.
  • Abby is terrified of the T-rex.
  • Jack Sherman, on the other hand, isn't.
  • The T-rex is the first dinosaur depicted in the series to attack a human being.
  • It's also the first big carnivore.