Valentina Komissarova
Natasa Janjic

Valetina's profile picture

Appears in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion
Postition Terrorist
Affiliations Al-Qaeda
Race Chechen, Caucasian
Status Alive
Birth November 5, 196 (aged 16)
Height 5'8"
Weight 121lbs
Build Athletic
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Weapon Any handgun

Valentina Komissarova is an Al-Qaeda operative and an antagonist in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion.  


Early lifeEdit

She was born in Moscow, Russia.  At age 13, she joined a cheerleading squadron and at age 16, she and her brother joined the Islamist terrorist cell Al-Qaeda together.

The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal InvasionEdit

In The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion, she helps Leonid Komissarov kidnap Daren's sister, Crystal Lynn.  However, once Leonid dies, Valentina resolves to hold Crystal in order to draw Daren and Sophia Kovacs out of hiding.  The plot suceeds, but neither side is able to kill each other and Valentina barely escapes with her life.  She then spends the novel plotting against and attempting to kill Sophia Kovacs, the outcome of which is undetermined.


  • She is the first female Al-Qaeda operative, as well as the first female Chechen, in the novel.
  • She is described by Daren Lynn as "100% pure evil."
  • Her signature weapon is any handgun.



"Just surrender or else she dies!"

- Valentina forcing Daren to surrender by threatening Crystal Lynn