Velociraptors are another species of dinosaur depicted in The Monster Attacks 3. Apparently, these Raptors were released into Iraq and were used by the Taliban and al-Qaeda as pack animals and pets. In this novel, the raptors are used as siege animals during the invasion of London.


Size and lifestyleEdit

The Velociraptors are depicted as pig-sized animals that hunted in packs. They also are excellent mothers like Tyrannosaurus Rex, though they sometimes cannibalize their young in desparation in times of starvation (ex: a famine). They also hunt in packs, sometimes up to nine animals. They can easily take down anything, ranging from cows, people, massive fish, and even bears on occasion.


These Raptors are super-smart; they can pick locks, open doors, dig holes for nests, operate keypads, and even swim. However, they can't start up cars, drive vehicles, or watch TV (obviously). The Raptors can also solve complex problems and math equations too, though they're horrible at Algebra or Calculus.

In The Monster Attacks Edit

In The Monster Attacks 3, Raptors are used by the Iranian military as siege animals in the invasion of England by dinosaurs, cannibals, and invasive species. They're first seen in Act II, chasing the protagonists around in the dark while the humans themselves wander Exmoor in circles, dodging ambushes.

Here, however, they're only seen in brief glimpses (with bits and pieces of their bodies shown), or lightning-quick (and blurry) ambushes that no one seems to anticipate whatsoever. The Velociraptors are seen more (and in greater detail) during the Invasion of London in Act III, where Velociraptors are seen massacring British, Russian, and American soldiers as they battle their way into the London Underground in order to stop a hijacked subway train from releasing a sample of the Rage Virus into Westminster Station.


  • The Raptors are the first dromaeosaurs in the series.
  • The Raptors are also the fastest dinosaurs in the series; it is impossible to outrun one-except if "you've drunken Red Bull" recently.
  • Daren always manages to outrun a Velociraptor chasing him because of his constant thirst for Red Bull.